OPW-00001: Unable to open password file

In this post we will resolve OPW-00001: Unable to open password-file. We are facing this issue while creating password file in oracle database. Error :- Solution :-1) The reason behind “OPW-00001” is normally syntax error. We have to specify the command in the proper format. In some cases we missed to mention the .ora in file … Read more

PRCD 1119 failed to create database while using dbca

PRCD 1119 failed to create database DEVDEB because the database unique name matches that of database DEVDEB in the first 8 characters. Identify error PRCD 1119 failed to create database. While trying to create CDB using dbca, recently we faced error PRCD-1119. Here will cover how to resolve it. As we can see, the error … Read more

Duplicate from active database using rman

In this article, we will do Duplicate from active database using rman, we can do rman duplicate database using rman in oracle database. Duplicating oracle database from active database doesn’t require RMAN backup. Steps to restore database using duplicate from active database. RMAN can easily duplicate/restore/clone database to target database over the network without any … Read more

How to fix ORA-12547 TNS lost contact

Introduction:- In this article, we are going to resolve ORA-12547 TNS lost lost contact error. Error:- ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact $ sqlplus / as sysdba SQL*Plus: Release Production on Thu Mar 25 09:38:40 2021 Copyright (c) 1982, 2013, Oracle.  All rights reserved. ERROR: ORA-12547: TNS:ost contact   Above error can occur for many reason. In my … Read more

How to resolve ORA 39213 metadata processing is not available

Introduction:- In this article we will learn how to resolve the ORA 39213 metadata processing is not available error while trying to export the table in oracle using dataPump utility. Using Datapump utility we can export/import any database objects in oracle. While doing the facing error ORA 39213 metadata processing. Exporting table using DataPump. $expdp … Read more

How to compress full incremental backup L0, L1 backup using rman

Introduction:- Basically Backup compress full incremental backup is the feature of Oracle Database which offer more benefit. We can take the oracle rman backup as normal or in compress mode. Restoration process of compressed backup will same as uncompressed backup. Compress Full Incremental backup using RMAN:-  Incremental backups can be either level 0 or level … Read more

How to Recompile invalid objects in oracle

In this article, we will cover how to recompile invalid objects in oracle database. If Oracle objects package, procedure, function, trigger and views become invalid when dependent object has changed.  How to find invalid objects in oracle Check how many invalid objects in oracle database. SQL>select owner,object_name,status,object_type from dba_objects where status=’INVALID’; SQL>select object_name,status from dba_objects where … Read more

RMAN Backup and Recovery Interview Questions

Introduction: – RMAN Backup And Recovery Interview Questions| Here is useful RMAN Backup and Recovery Interview Questions/Answers for DBA. Below are oracle rman interview questions. Q⟹ What is RMAN?   A⟹RMAN is an Oracle Database client that performs backup, restoration,recovery and administrative tasks in oracle Database. It greatly simplifies the dba jobs by managing the production … Read more