PRCD 1119 failed to create database while using dbca

PRCD 1119 failed to create database DEVDEB because the database unique name matches that of database DEVDEB in the first 8 characters.

Identify error PRCD 1119 failed to create database.

While trying to create CDB using dbca, recently we faced error PRCD-1119. Here will cover how to resolve it. As we can see, the error is clearly visible in the screenshot. No issue we will resolve it asap.

PRCD 1119 failed to create database

Here we need to click on ok and try to resolve the issue first and then retry dbca.

Resolving error PRCD-1119:-

In order to resolve it we need to remove our database as below and then re-add it back if required.

# srvctl remove database -d DEBDB.

After remove database, we will restart the dbca. Hopefully, now it will resolve the issue.

The above screenshot shows our issue got resolve after removed the database.

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