Flush Shared Pool

To clear the whole shared pool, you would issue the following command from a privileged user. Is flushing shared pool is good hobbit? Flush Shared pool meaning flushing cached execution plan and SQL Queries from memory. Flush buffer cache meaning flushing cached data from memory. Database bounce/restart which internally flush both shared pool and buffer … Read more

Backup oracle database using RMAN

RMAN (Recovery Manager) backup solutions for Oracle databases. RMAN is a powerful tool that simplifies backup, restore, and recovery tasks. Here are the key concepts and steps to get you started: Understanding RMAN Backup Concepts: Viewing Current RMAN Configuration: Modifying RMAN Configuration Parameters: Taking Backup: To take a consistent backup of both the database and … Read more

Increase OACORE JAVA Heap Memory Size in r12

Recently we have faced performance issue in middle tier while running report. We know that Low JVM heave memory size in Oacore may cause low performance for WebLogic domain. To increase the oacore memory in R12.We must follow the below steps. Check java default heap size in Oacore. Steps to increase oacore java heap memory. … Read more

How to run autoconfig using context file

In this post we will discuss how to run AutoConfig with a specific context file in Oracle E-Business Suite R12. When executing the adautocfg.sh script, you need to provide the full path to the context file you want to use as an argument. $. /adautocfg.sh /data01/app/oracle/apps/inst/apps/PROD_apps/appl/admin/PROD_apps.xml To know current context file, you may check it … Read more

Start admin server on patch file system using forcepatchfs

If you want to start admin server on patch file system, we need to use option forcepatchfs as below. Source environment on patch file system. $echo $FILE_EDITION $. /data02/fs1/EBSapps/appl/APPS_prdtest.env cd $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME [applmgr@marstst scripts]$ sh adadminsrvctl.sh start forcepatchfsYou are running adadminsrvctl.sh version 120.10.12020000.11 Enter the WebLogic Admin password: Enter the APPS Schema password: Starting WLS Admin … Read more

How to compile forms in R12 using automated shell script

In this post we will compile forms in oracle apps R12 after implementing shell script to automatic compile forms(.fmb), libraries(.pll), reports(.rdf) Compile forms using shell script: – We need to update the same in .bash_profile to execute it using alias.We can compile forms manually as well. Hidden file .bash_profile located under /home/applmgr. Open .bash_profile using … Read more

OPW-00029: Password complexity failed for SYS user

When I tried to create password using orapwd command, faced error OPW-00029: Password complexity failed for SYS user. Enter password for SYS:OPW-00029: Password complexity failed for SYS user : Password must contain at least 8 characters. Solution:- Here we have two solutions to resolve error OPW-00029: Password complexity failed for SYS user. By default, oracle … Read more

OPW-00001: Unable to open password file

In this post we will resolve OPW-00001: Unable to open password-file. We are facing this issue while creating password file in oracle database. Error :- Solution :-1) The reason behind “OPW-00001” is normally syntax error. We have to specify the command in the proper format. In some cases we missed to mention the .ora in file … Read more