OPW-00001: Unable to open password file

In this post we will resolve OPW-00001: Unable to open password-file. We are facing this issue while creating password file in oracle database.

Error :-

$orapwd file='/PRTEST/orapwprtestc.ora' force=y entries=12 format=12

Enter password for SYS:
OPW-00001: Unable to open password-file

Solution :-

1) The reason behind “OPW-00001” is normally syntax error. We have to specify the command in the proper format. In some cases we missed to mention the .ora in file name.

2) Check whether the specified location in file exists if not then create it.

3) Check if the user has permission to create file in the specified location if not the grant oracle user proper permission on the mentioned directory while creating password.

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