How to run autoconfig using context file

In this post we will discuss how to run AutoConfig with a specific context file in Oracle E-Business Suite R12.

  1. First of all Specify the Context File:

When executing the script, you need to provide the full path to the context file you want to use as an argument.

$./ /data01/app/oracle/apps/inst/apps/PROD_apps/appl/admin/PROD_apps.xml

  1. Alternative Method (

If you prefer using directly, specify the context file with the contextfile parameter:

$ / contextfile=/data01/app/oracle/apps/inst/apps/PROD_db/appl/admin/PROD_apps.xml

Check Proposed Changes: Sometimes autoconfig makes changes unexpectedly. So before running AutoConfig, use to review intended changes and identify potential issues:

$./ contextfile=/data01/app/oracle/apps/inst/apps/PROD_db/appl/admin/PROD_apps.xml

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