Recovering tablespace using RMAN

To restore tablespace including table using RMAN (Recovery Manager), we should follow these steps:

  1. Purpose of Recovering Tables and Table Partitions from RMAN Backups:
    • RMAN allows you to recover one or more tables or table partitions to a specified point in time without affecting other database objects.
    • You can use previously created RMAN backups to achieve it.

    2. RMAN Backups Required for Table Recovery:

      • To recover a table, you need the following backups:
        • Full backup of undo, SYSTEM, SYSAUX, and the tablespace containing the tables or table partitions.
        • All partitions that contain dependent objects of the table must be included in the recovery set.
        • If indexes or partitions for a table in tablespace ‘tbls1’ are in ‘tbls2’`, include ‘tbls2’ in the recovery set.
        • For tables in a PDB, backups of SYSTEM, SYSAUX, and undo tablespaces of the root, CDB seed, and the PDB containing the tables are necessary┬╣.

      3. Restoring Specific Tablespace:

        • Instead of restoring the full database, you can restore only a specific tablespace using RMAN.
        • To restore the tblpsace1 tablespace, execute the following command:

          RMAN> RESTORE TABLESPACE tblpsace1;
        • You can restore multiple tablespaces by separating them with commas:

          RMAN> RESTORE TABLESPACE tblsspace1, tblspace2;

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