Increase OACORE JAVA Heap Memory Size in r12

Recently we have faced performance issue in middle tier while running report. We know that Low JVM heave memory size in Oacore may cause low performance for WebLogic domain. To increase the oacore memory in R12.We must follow the below steps. Check java default heap size in Oacore. Steps to increase oacore java heap memory. … Read more

How to resolve WebLogic Managed Server does not start due to incompatible state.

In this article, we will discusses how to resolve WebLogic Managed Server Does Not Start with error incompatible state. If managed server was incorrectly stopped unexpectedly, trying to start it using the node manager could lead to this error:   You cannot start the Weblogic managed server does not start ealier using the admin console … Read more

How to fix WebLogic Failed to Start with BEA-160197

Introduction:- In this article, we will discuss How to fix ‘Weblogic Failed to start’ with BEA-16019 Error during Weblogic server 10.3.6 installation. We are facing the error as Error Weblogic.Descriptor.DescriptorException: Unmarshaller Failed. In a WebLogic Server 10.3.6 installation,  server instances failed to start with the following error(WebLogic Failed to Start). To solve the issue WebLogic … Read more

How to resolved adminserver startup failure.

Introduction:- In this article we have resolved adminserver startup failure. While starting the WLS Admin Server, unable to do that, after connecting to node manager showing error as ERROR: Invalid credentials passed even we passed correct password. Reproduced the error as below. You can start the adminserver on the run file system. After that we Resolved … Read more

How to fix START Precloning the OHS Config ERROR: Script failed, exit code 1

Introduction:- In this article, we will discuss very critical error ohs config txksetohsconfig-pl error. $perl appsTier $adop phase=fs_clone Copyright (c) 2011, 2014 Oracle Corporation                         Redwood Shores, California, USA                         Oracle E-Business … Read more