Oracle Home is not registered with the Central Inventory.

Oracle home is not registered with the central inventory. We are facing the error during the patch installation as below:

Oracle home is not registered with the central inventory.


The Oracle Home <your ORACLE_HOME> is not registered with the Central Inventory.  OPatch was not able to get details of the home from the inventory.

How to attach oracle home to central inventory.

In order to register oracle home in orainventory , first of all we need to check the location of inventory file.

$cat /etc/oraInst.loc

#Oracle Installer Location File Location

We have to go under inventory location and verify that oracle home is existing or not. Sometime our inventory file is corrupt. No worry we will re-register using below steps.

In R12.2.5:
Verify Inventory Against Filesystem

ERROR:   $FMW_Home/Oracle_EBS-app1 is not registered in the inventory

Corrective Action: Provide the location of a valid inventory file. If you believe the inventory is valid,
you may want to attach the fs2/FMW_Home/Oracle_EBS-app1.

Run ./opatch lsinventory -all to check if you ORACLE_HOME is defined.

If not :

cd $FMW_HOME/Oracle_EBS-app1/oui/bin
Simply execute the as below.
You can just check the Make sure OHOME is correct.
cd $OHOME/oui/bin
./runInstaller -detachhome ORACLE_HOME=$OHOME ORACLE_HOME_NAME=$OHOMENAME $* >
/dev/null 2>&1
cd $ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin
./runInstaller -silent -invPtrLoc /etc/oraInst.loc -attachHome ORACLE_HOME=< Enter ORACLE_HOME path >” ORACLE_HOME_NAME=”<Oracle_Home_name>”
Re-run the patch installation.

How to detach oracle home from inventory

If you want to detach-oracle-home for any $FMW_HOME/ (oracle_common, Oracle_EBS-app1 and webtier) . just use to detach the home
cd $ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin —>Execute from respective /***_Home/oui/bin

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