GST Form JAINNSTL.fmb is having error during compilation

Facing error GST Form JAINNSTL.fmb is having error during applying GST July RUP 11 patches in R12.2.xx.

Fixing GST Form JAINNSTL.fmb is having error.

Form JAINNSTL.fmb is having error during compilation.
As per Oracle support Development team form JAINNSTL.fmb is obsoleted and this error is due to mismatch of the calling parameters between the fmb and jai_settlement.plb.
As per dev team this form JAINNSTL.fmb is NO longer used and it is obsoleted.
And any error messages relating to this form either during compilation for fmx generation or while patching when assigned to any adworkers can be ignored.
$adop phase=prepare,apply,finalize,cutover,cleanup patches=27421320 abandon=no restart=yes flags=autoskip 
In case of patching , for R12.2.X releases , during adop phase it tries to compile and fail. 
Do ignore the error re-run the adop again.
At this point the communication from dev is this form will be taken care in the future releases.
Hope GST Form JAINNSTL.fmb Compilation error will fix after applying the compatible patch.

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