How to manually Compile pll fmb and rdf file in oracle ebs R12

Manually Compile pll fmb | Sometimes we need to Manually Compile .pll .fmb .rdf file, if we are facing issue with forms, reports and libraries etc. using frmcmp_batch module=XXXX.fmb userid=apps, we can compile fmb.

Manually compile pll fmb

Steps to Manually Compile pll fmb .

In R12

Compiling .pll (library):-

Manually Compile .pll .fmb


cd $AU_TOP/resource

frmcmp_batch module=JAAUUCOM.pll userid=apps/***** output_file=JAAUUCOM.plx module_type=library batch=yes compile_all=special

frmcmp_batch module=CUSTOM.pll userid=apps/***** output_file=CUSTOM.plx module_type=LIBRARY batch=yes compile_all=special

Compiling FMB (forms):-

Here we will Manually Compile .pll .fmb using best free ways.

cd $AU_TOP/forms/US

frmcmp_batch module=XXXX.fmb userid=apps/***** output_file=$JA_TOP/forms/US/XXXXX.fmx module_type=form batch=yes compile_all=special

In 11i

Compiling .pll (library):-

f60gen module=$AU_TOP/forms/US/CUSTOM.pll  userid=apps/****** output_file=$JA/forms/USCUSTOM.plx module_type=library compile_all=yes

Compiling FMB (forms):-

f60gen module=$AU_TOP/forms/US/XXXX.fmb  userid=apps/****** output_file=$JA/forms/XXXX.fmx module_type=form compile_all=yes

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