How To Recreate the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) WLS (Weblogic Server) Domain

In this post we will aware about How to ‘Recreating WLS domain’. Recreate the domain using perl

Please do the following after taking a full backup of your environment. You should take the full database and appsTier backup for restoration in case of any failure.

1. In the Database Tier exactly do the following:-

==> Log into the database tier.

==> Source the environment.

==> Ensure that database and listener are up and running.

2. In Applications Tier  exactly do the following:-

==> Source the RUN file system environment.

==> Stop all middle tier services using $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/

==> Ensure that no process is running from RUN file system.

==> Take a backup of the context file.  Update s_adminservertimeout context variable value to 4000 and run AutoConfig.

Source the run fs environment and execute the below command:

$ $FND_TOP/bin/ -script=ChkEBSDependecies -server=ALL_SERVER

3. Recreating wls domain by following below steps:  

$ cd $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin

$ perl

==> Start the services and check the WLS domain is fine. For example, you might want to start the  WLS console and check all the expected managed servers are up and running.

Note: When running you will be prompted “Enter the server start mode for the domain [DEFAULT – prod]:”.Choose the default value of prod. Oracle Web Logic Server can be run in two different modes, either prod or dev, and the recommended option is to choose prod as it is safer. The dev mode allows to deploy unsigned java classes but is quicker than prod.

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