How to manually compile JSP in R12


How to manually compile JSP in R12. Steps to manually Compile JSP in R12 to resolve login page blank EBS R12| In hist article, we will cover jsp compilation in R12.

Why are we compiling jsp?

Actually, sometime we are facing blank ebs login page due to missing or corrupted class files under EBS cache($COMMNON_TOP/_pages). To fix this issue we are compiling jsp in ebs.

How to manually compile JSP in R12

Before going to compile jsp. We need to stop the applicatoin services.

Stop application services.

To stop Middleware, click here to and check.


First of all login as applmgr user and source the environment by running the script:

Run the commands

For Linux/Unix

Firstly check the service.

$adopmnctl status

if not showing alive start it and check or compile jsp.


$ stopall — to shutdown opmn managed services viz., opmn, forms, oacore & oc4j

Verify the process using ps command.

$ps -ef|grep applmgr

Remove _page as below.

$ cd $COMMON_TOP/_pages

$ mv _pages _pages_old

$mkdir _pages

$chmod -R 755 _pages

$ cd $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin 

export PATH=$FND_TOP/patch/115/bin:$PATH
Remove any lock files from following folders:

Compile all jsps

perl –compile –flush -p 2
$perl –compile –fast –quiet

(-p represents parallel threads, if you have enough CPU on your server, you can increase it to 8 or 10)

Run Autoconfig first on the DB Tier, and then on APPS Tier

$cd $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME startall

In Windows

cd %FND_TOP%patch115bin
perl -x –compile –flush

Navigate to the OA_HTML (Location for all the Jsp pages). if the JSP pages do not exist, copy the JSP to the location & run the below command.

$FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/ –compile -s ‘abcdef_12.jsp’ –flush

Restart the Apache services or Middle-ware services. 

Check whether the respective class files havebeen created undercd $COMMON_TOP/_pages

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