How to Find sid from concurrent request in EBS

In this post we will learn how to find SID from Concurrent Request to identify the slowness issue.

What is SID in Oracle Database session:-

SID is session identifier. Used to identify uniquely for session, after the session is over, this sid can be used for other session. Sid is analogy of pid in OS.

Use below Query to find SID from Concurrent Request:-

SELECT a.request_id, d.sid, d.serial# ,d.osuser,d.process , c.SPID FROM apps.fnd_concurrent_requests a,apps.fnd_concurrent_processes b,v$process c,v$session d WHERE a.controlling_manager = b.concurrent_process_id AND = b.oracle_process_id AND b.session_id=d.audsid AND a.request_id = &Request_Id AND a.phase_code = 'R'; 

How to find PID by SID in oracle

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