How to fix EBS Concurrent Manager internal manager does-not start-status shows Actual 1 and Target 0 Processes

In this post we will learn how to  fix “internal manager does-not start-status actual 1 target 0′ issue in EBS.

Some time Internal Manager not started properly due to this issue it shows actual 1 and target 0. In this scenario we will learn how to fix this issue.


First of all we need to identify the actual system pid of Internal Manager.

internal manager does-not start-status
internal manager does-not start-status


“You may check another article to start/stop EBS services.” Check section :-Procedure for Shutting down the Oracle Applications:->To start the EBS application, you use below script.

$ps -ef|grep FNDLIBR

applmgr  35531 35526  0 13:02 pts/0    00:00:01 FNDLIBR


click on internal manager and check the process and kill them.

$kill -9 35531 


Start the concurrent manager:-


Source the environment.




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