How to fix Adop Fails With Error: ssh is not enabled for the following nodes


In this article, we will discuss how to resolve Adop Fails With Error: ssh is not enabled for the following nodes. Use the command to enable SSH. The error message “ssh is not enabled for the following nodes” typically indicates that there’s an issue with SSH connectivity for certain nodes in the context of a deployment or management process. This error is common when using tools like Oracle Cloud’s “Adop” (Application Deployment) utility. Adop is typically used for patching and maintenance of Oracle E-Business Suite environments.

Here are steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix this issue:

  1. Check SSH Configuration: Ensure that SSH is properly configured on all the nodes involved in the deployment. This includes the source and target nodes. Check that SSH keys are correctly set up and that you can manually SSH into each node using the same user credentials that Adop is using.
  2. Check SSH Access and User Privileges: Verify that the user you’re using for the deployment has the necessary SSH access and permissions on all the nodes. The user should have proper SSH key-based access and sufficient privileges to perform the required actions during the deployment process.
  3. Check Hosts File: Verify that the hostnames or IP addresses of all nodes are correctly defined in the hosts file (/etc/hosts on Linux/Unix systems). Incorrect host definitions could lead to connectivity issues.
  4. Firewall and Network Configuration: Ensure that there are no firewall rules blocking SSH traffic between the nodes. Also, check if there are any network configuration issues that might be causing connectivity problems.
  5. SSH Key Permissions: Make sure that the SSH keys and their associated files (like .ssh/authorized_keys) have the correct permissions. Incorrect permissions can prevent SSH from working as expected.
  6. Verify SSH Connection: Manually test SSH connectivity between the nodes. This can help identify whether the issue is with Adop itself or with the underlying SSH configuration. Use the following command to test SSH connectivity:

    $ssh <node>

How do you restart a failed patch in R12 2?

Getting the error Adop Fails With Error: ssh is not enabled while applying a patch . After fix ssh is not enabled error, we can simple restart failed patching using option restart=yes.

$adop phase=apply restart=yes

adop phase=prepare

Enter the APPS password:

Enter the SYSTEM password:

Enter the WLSADMIN password:

Validating credentials.


    Run Edition context  : /data05/EBS_FS_12.2.5/fs1/inst/apps/PHASE1_***test/appl/admin/PHASE1_***test.xml

    Patch edition context: /data05/EBS_FS_12.2.5/fs2/inst/apps/PHASE1_***test/appl/admin/PHASE1_***test.xml

    Patch file system free space: 284.47 GB

Validating system setup.

    Node registry is valid.

    Log: /data05/EBS_FS_12.2.5/fs1/inst/apps/PHASE1_***test/logs/appl/rgf/TXK/verifyssh.log

    Output: /data05/EBS_FS_12.2.5/fs1/inst/apps/PHASE1_***test/logs/appl/rgf/TXK/out.xml

    ssh is not enabled for the following nodes

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    [UNEXPECTED]ssh is not enabled.

    [UNEXPECTED]Available options are as follows.

    [UNEXPECTED]- To enable ssh, run the following command:

     perl /data05/EBS_FS_12.2.5/fs1/EBSapps/appl/ad/12.0.0/patch/115/bin/ enablessh



  Then try the adop command again.

    [UNEXPECTED]- Otherwise, with ssh disabled you must run adop on each node:

     On the admin node, run: adop phase=<desired phase> allnodes=no action=db

     On the other nodes, run: adop phase=<desired phase> allndoes=no action=nodb

    [UNEXPECTED]Error verifying ssh setup.

[STATEMENT] Please run adopscanlog utility, using the command

"adopscanlog -latest=yes"

to get the list of the log files along with snippet of the error message corresponding to each log file.

adop exiting with status = 2 (Fail)

Use the command to enable SSH:

[applmgr@acetest ~]$ perl /data05/EBS_FS_12.2.5/fs1/EBSapps/appl/ad/12.0.0/patch/115/bin/ enablessh

> -contextfile=/data05/EBS_FS_12.2.5/fs1/inst/apps/PHASE1_***test/appl/admin/PHASE1_***test.xml

> -hosts=***test,erpbackup

Enter SSH User password for the OS user applmgr:

    Log: /data05/EBS_FS_12.2.5/fs1/inst/apps/PHASE1_***test/logs/appl/rgf/TXK/enablessh.log

SSH equivalence setup successful.


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