Steps to Clean Nonexistent Nodes or IP Addresses from FND_NODES

Introduction: –

Here we will discuss how to steps to clean nonexistent nodes and cleanup fnd_node in R12. To clear fnd_node in ebs, we need to execute FND_CONC_CLONE.SETUP.

Steps to clean nonexistent nodes.

We are going to execute FND_CONC_CLONE.SETUP to clear fnd_node table.





Note: – Don’t forget to commit here.


After complete clone in E-Business suite, if FND_NODE system tables will show incorrect values.


Now we see how to clean fndnode. If a clone was done, the OAM Dashboard reflects the target machine name and the source machine name although the source machine is no longer being used.
In some cases, there are IP addresses from nonexistent machines in FND_NODES.

The Nodes in the OAM Dashboard are retrieved from the FND_NODES table.
Further investigation showed that the FND_NODES table had both node names and node_modes ‘O’ as activated.

Step2:- To check fnd_nodes table value.


SQL> select node_name, node_mode, support_cp, support_web, support_admin,support_forms from FND_NODES;


NODE_NAME              N S S S S
TARGET                     O Y Y Y Y
SOURCE                     O Y Y Y Y


Now we aware that how to clean fnd_nodes table.


Always apply the latest cloning patches, to avoid all the bugs and fixes


Step 3:- To repopulate the FND_NODE table.


Run AutoConfig on all tiers, firstly on the dbTier and then the appsTier,to repopulate the required system tables.
Once we will execute the EXEC FND_CONC_CLONE.SETUP_CLEAN, it will delete all data from system
tables such as FND_NODES, FND_OAM_CONTEXT_FILES, etc.

The correct information for the current system will be repopulated once AutoConfig will successfully completed.

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