Running autoconfig in parallel on multi node EBS R12

Running AutoConfig in parallel on a multi node EBS R12 environment presents an effective solution to improve performance, achieve configuration consistency, and speed up the setup process to address this issue. Enterprise systems must be flexible and scalable in the fast-paced corporate environment of today. The Oracle E-Business Suite Suite Release 12 (EBS R12) is a comprehensive tool that streamlines the management of many corporate operations. However, the complexity of administering these systems increases along with the size of enterprises.

Understanding AutoConfig and Parallel Execution

AutoConfig: – We already aware that AutoConfig is a powerful utility provided by Oracle EBS that automates the configuration of the application and database tiers. It allows administrators to streamline and manage system configurations effectively.

Parallel Execution :- Running any tasks in parallel involves splitting a task into smaller subtasks and executing them simultaneously. This approach maximizes system resources, speeds up processes, and enhances overall efficiency.

Benefits of Running autoconfig in parallel on multi node EBS R12.

  1. Faster Configuration :- In a multi-node setup, AutoConfig tasks can be divided and executed concurrently to reducing the time required to configure the entire environment.
  2. Resource Utilization:- Parallel execution basically utilizes the available resources on each node, ensuring efficient usage of CPUs, memory, and network bandwidth.
  3. Scalability:- As EBS environment grows, parallel autoconfig execution increases easily, maintaining performance levels even with increased complexity.
  4. Consistency :- Parallel execution ensures that the same configuration changes are applied consistently across all nodes, minimizing the risk of discrepancies.
  5. Reduced Downtime:- Fast configuration means reduced the downtime during upgrades, patches, and maintenance activities.

Steps to Run AutoConfig in Parallel on Multi-Node EBS R12

Step 1: Prepare Your Environment

-> Ensure all nodes have same EBS R12 environment.

-> Backup mendatory configuration files.

Step 2: Execute AutoConfig in Parallel

On each application and database tier start AutoConfig simultaneously using custom scripts or the standard utility.

Application Tier

perl $AD_TOP/bin/ contextfile=<CtxFile> –parallel

Database Tier

perl $ORACLE_HOME/appssutil/bin/ contextfile=<CtxFile> –parallel


<CtxFile> is the absolute path of database and application tier context file

Step 3: Monitor and Verify.

-> Monitor the execution progress on each node.

-> Verify that configurations are applied correctly across all nodes.

When AutoConfig is executed in “parallel mode,” a locking mechanism is activated to synchronize the processes operating on different nodes. Conflicting modifications to the database or file system are avoided by this approach. We can understand the locking mechanism by below diagram.

autoconfig in parallel
autoconfig in parallel

Note:- To avoid unstable and/or inconsistent filesystem and database states while executing AutoConfig simultaneously on several nodes, it is crucial to make sure the ‘-parallel’ option is supplied while running AutoConfig on each node.

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