POCFH Fill Employee Hierarchy

Introduction: –

Here will cover to fix POCFH Fill Employee Hierarchy. The file poxpofeh.sql appear to be missing. To resolve it we need to apply the required patch.


Routine fdpsql cannot read the file /data01/apps/apps_st/appl/po/12.0.0/sql/poxpofeh.sql.


How to POCFH Fill Employee Hierarchy?


Check if the file exists under correct product directory.

Check if the person who started the Concurrent Manager has read privileges

Concurrent Manager encountered an error while running SQL*Plus for your concurrent request 38239806.

Review your concurrent request log and/or report output file for more detailed information.

The file poxpofeh.sql appear to be mising. To resolve this issue need to be apply the following patch on R12.1.x.x.

1. Download and review the readme and pre-requisites for Patch 21965300:R12.PO.B – In Oracle Purchasing, Fill Employee Hierarchy program enhancement

2. Ensure that you have taken a backup of your system before applying the recommended patch.


3. Apply the patch in a test environment.

4. Confirm the following file versions:
   poxpofeh.sql 120.1.12010000.8

5. Retest the issue.

6. Migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments

In my instance issue was resolve after applying the above patches.

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