Monitoring oracle rman backup status and timing.

RMAN backup status| Backup is very important part of oracle database. Being Oracle DBA, regularly we are doing backup of oracle database for recovery. To check the check rman backup status job we can use below scripts. We can use view v$rman_status, v$rman_backup_job_details and V$SESSION_LONGOPS to monitor the current executing RMAN jobs and the status of the previously completed backups.

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How to check rman backup status in oracle database?

Check RMAN Backup completion details using rman backup history script.

SQL>select (select NAME from v$database) Instance, object_type,operation,status,session_stamp,
round((end_time - start_time) * 24 * 60, 2) Elapsed_Time,
decode(to_char(start_time, 'd'), 1, 'Sunday', 2, 'Monday',
                                     3, 'Tuesday', 4,'Wednesday',
                                     5, 'Thursday', 6, 'Friday',
                                     7, 'Saturday') dow,
to_char(start_time, 'mm/dd/yyyy hh:mi:ss') start_time,
to_char(end_time, 'mm/dd/yyyy hh:mi:ss') end_time,
round((input_bytes/(1024*1024*1024)),2) input_gb,
round((output_bytes/(1024*1024*1024)),2) output_gb
from v$rman_status
where start_time > trunc(sysdate-10) and operation = 'BACKUP';

How to check rman backup progress?

Check Oracle Database RMAN Backup and Restore Operations progress.

SQL>select SID, START_TIME, TOTALWORK, sofar, (sofar/totalwork) * 100 done,sysdate + TIME_REMAINING/3600/24 end_at
from v$session_longops where totalwork > sofar
AND opname NOT LIKE '%aggregate%'
AND opname like 'RMAN%';

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