How to fix Import Standard Purchase Orders Error cannot read the file PO_PDOI_GRP.start_process issue.

In this post we will fix this error with very simple steps. While running “Import Standard Purchase Orders”, showing below error cannot read PO_PDOI_GRP.start_process.

Import standard purchase orders:-

Our programs failing with below error, You may check the concurrent request logs, Will see the error as below.

Concurrent Request logs:- You can check the concurrent request logs using request id.

Routine fdpsql cannot read the file /oracle/orafs/fs2/EBSapps/appl/po/12.0.0/sql/PO_PDOI_GRP.start_process

1)  Verify the executable method in the below PDOI concurrent programs:

    Import Standard Purchase Orders.

    Import Price Catalogs.

    Import Contract Purchase Agreements.


     1. Navigate to System Administrator -> Concurrent -> Program -> Define

     2. Query for the program for example ‘Import Standard Purchas Orders’.

     3. Check the Executable method defined for the program. If it is ‘SQL*Plus’ then select the LOV beside Executable ‘POXPDOI’ and  reselect the executable as’POXPDOI’.

     4. Confirm that the executable method has been changed as ‘PL/SQL Procedure’.

     5. Do the same for the other programs.

2)  Check whether the attribute ‘MULTI_ORG_CATEGORY’ is set to ‘S’ in all the below concurrent programs:

    Import Standard Purchase Orders.

    Import Price Catalogs.

    Import Contract Purchase Agreements.


     1. Navigate to System Administration > Concurrent > Programs

     2. Query for the Program for example ‘Import Standard Purchase Orders’

     3. Click on Update pencil icon

     4. Click on Request tab

     5. For field Operating Unit Mode – The value should be ‘Single’

     6. Do the same for the other programs.

3)  Test and run the program import standard purchase orders. Program will get completed successfully and should not get any error

      Ex:  ‘Routine fdpsql cannot read the file


I hope after doing above steps will help to resolve the issue ‘Import Standard purchase orders error cannot read PO_PDOI_GRP.

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If you want to check another reference for this issue may check it at ‘PO_PDOI_GRP.start_process’.

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