How to resolve ora-12353

Here we will see how to resolve ora-12353. The Oracle error ORA-12353 indicates that there is a problem with a database link. This error occurs when an attempt is made to create, drop, or alter a database link, but the operation fails due to insufficient privileges or other issues related to the database link configuration.

How To resolve ORA-12353.

Follow the below these steps to resolve the issue.

Check Database Link Configuration:

Make sure you have the necessary privileges to create, drop, or alter a database link. Verify that the database link’s name and configuration are correct.

Verify Network Connectivity:

Ensure that the network connection to the remote database is available and functioning properly. Try to ping the remote server from the database server to test the network connectivity.

Test the Connection:

Use the tnsping utility to test the connectivity to the remote database from the local server. For example:

tnsping <TNS_ALIAS>


If the database link refers to a remote database using a TNS alias, check that the TNSNAMES.ORA file contains the correct entry for the alias. If not, update the TNSNAMES.ORA file with the correct information.

Check Global Names Parameter:

If the global_names parameter is set to TRUE on the local and remote databases, make sure that the database link’s name matches the global name of the remote database.

Review Database Link Privileges:

Ensure that the user attempting to create, drop, or alter the database link has the necessary privileges. For example, the user needs the CREATE DATABASE LINK privilege to create a new database link.

Check Database Link Status:

Verify that the database link is in a valid state. You can check the status of the database link by querying the DBA_DB_LINKS (or USER_DB_LINKS) view.

Check for Error Messages:

Review the Oracle alert log and any relevant trace files for more detailed error messages or information that might shed light on the issue.

Contact Oracle Support:

If you have exhausted all possible solutions and the issue persists, it might be beneficial to contact Oracle Support for further assistance.

Keep in mind that the specific resolution for ORA-12353 can vary depending on the context and environment in which the error occurs. Always exercise caution when making changes to your database configuration and consider taking backups before making significant changes.

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