How to disable trigger in oracle.

Here I will explain how to disable trigger in oracle. Some time we have to disable the trigger on table. Use below query to disable the trigger in oracle database.

How to disable trigger in oracle

Here is the command alter table disable trigger to disable trigger for Table & schema etc.

How to disable trigger all on database table.

SQL>alter table table_name disable all triggers;

How to disable all triggers in oracle schema.

We can build script disable trigger oracle query using below sql and execute them on sql prompt.

SQL>spool schema_trigger.sql

SQL>select 'alter trigger ' || table_owner || '.' || trigger_name || ' disable;' from user_triggers;


How to disable a trigger in oracle.

Disable specific trigger on table.

SQL>alter trigger trigger_name disable;

How to check trigger enable or disable in oracle

User below query to find the status of trigger.

SQL>select status from user_triggers where trigger_name='Trigger_name';

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