Steps to restore the most recent whole database on default or new location.

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1.Shutdown the Database, if still in open state. SQL> SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE;

2.Fix the media problem, so that copy the backup datafiles to their location.

3.Restored the Binary file, datafiles, control file and parameter file from backup location to datafile location.

4.Do the incomplete recovery from available archivelog using recover database until cancel as below.

SQL> recover database until cancel;

5.Open the database with open resetlogs.

SQL> alter database open resetlogs;

How to restore and recover noarchivelog database using incremental backup:-

RMAN> recover database;

RMAN>startup nomount;

RMAN> restore controlfile from autobackup;

RMAN> alter database mount;

RMAN> restore database;

RMAN> recover database noredo;

SQL> alter database open resetlogs;